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With over ten years experience in the fossil and mineral industry, Infinity Trading offers top-quality fossils to the collector and enthusiast. What makes us unique is our ability to identify a high quality fossil, our ability to prepare the fossil with proper techniques and finally our ability to position the fossil in a way that it becomes a work of art. By this we mean that our fossils are ready to be displayed and exhibited.

Aissa Aaronson is the visionary behind Infinity Trading — mentored by industry experts who instilled in him a passion for fossils and an eye for immaculate quality. These experiences and his artful eye are what allows him to create a work of art out of an unearthed prehistoric fossil. This unique vision is what makes Aissa's fossils one of the most sought after; he knows you will agree that these fossils are works of art. Furthermore, he guarantees that his fossils are of superior quality and will take them back if you are unsatisfied.

Since 1999, Infinity Trading actively sells quality — ready to show fossils at the yearly Gem & Lapidary Wholesalers show in Tucson, Arizona where you can purchase Infinity Trading's superior quality fossils.

Specialized in Marine Reptile Specimens and Species

  • Mosasaures: Prognathodon Curii, Prognathodon Solvay, Platecarpus, Halisaurus Arambourgi, Mosasaurus Hoffmani, Pluridens Walker
  • Shark Teeth: Xiphodolamia, Otodus Sokolovi
  • Turtles: Archelon
  • Crocodile: Dyrosaurus Phosphaticus, Maroccosuchus Zenaroi. ex Crocodilus Spenceri,the small ones Argochampsa Krebsi
  • Devonian Ammonoids (prepped and unprepared) Anetoceras associated with Trilobites.
  • Placoderms: Dunkleosteus Marsaisi, Titanichtys Termieri, Antinosteus Lehmani
  • Unprepared material, Mosasaurus, Crocodilian, Devonian Placoderms, and Anetoceras.

And as for our Unprepared material, we carry all kinds of unprepared material like: Mosasaurus, Crocodilian, Devonian Placoderms, and Anetoceras Ammonoids.

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